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non-negotiable government bond

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Pre-K through second grade students will submit the Califone Official Coloring Sheet for a chance to win up to $200 in U.
Current savers are making use of a variety of vehicles, including 47% using savings accounts, 37% using mutual funds, 17% investing in the stock market and 16% in U.
A new study being conducted by H&R Block (NYSE: HRB), with researchers from Harvard University, will help show whether new tax regulations that enable taxpayers to split refunds into different investments and accounts can help breathe new life into one of America's oldest savings vehicles - the U.
To pay them, C withdraws $1,000 from her Education IRA, redeems a $3,000 U.
Available from Memorial Day through Labor Day, the U.
This level consists of the lowest risk and lowest return vehicles, such as Treasury securities (bills, notes, and bonds), checking and savings accounts, and U.
With a few clicks of a computer mouse, Americans will for the first time be able to buy U.
Cash-basis taxpayers are not required to report the current interest on Series E and EE U.
In order to help low- to middle-income parents save for their children's education, Congress added a provision to the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996 that allows the interest on series EE U.
Through a generous grant from the Foundation of the State Bar of California, winners will receive U.
July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the availability of hundreds of Internet pages describing U.
Thursday when the boy took third place in the eighth annual U.
135(a) provides that an individual who pays qualified higher education expenses (QHEEs) must exclude from income interest on redemption proceeds of any "qualified U.
In 1988, Congress enacted Internal Revenue Code section 135, which excludes from income the interest from series EE U.
31, 2004, and complete the test in January 2005, will automatically qualify for a random drawing to receive one of two $500 U.