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non-negotiable government bond

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While these projects were forecast to have good rates of return, in retrospect the industry did not employ capital effectively--many projects did not achieve returns equal to those of U.
They began rewarding field crews for safety with U.
Seeking to develop better ties with a new retailer, as well as build its perception with consumers, the Panasonic Battery Sales Group developed "Energy for Learning," a program that eventually awarded each of the three grand prize winners a $500 U.
Each student on the four first-place teams will be awarded a $10,000 U.
we have the ultimate reference source for all issues confronted by holders of U.
DALLAS--Muratec is offering consumers rebates of up to $100 in U.
In the past, it has been suggested that parents purchase U.
Each year, the law firm asks Palm Beach County elementary students enrolled in the varied exceptionality programs to participate in creating an illustration for the cover of the firm's holiday cards and donates over $2,000 in U.
First-, second- and third-place winners will be chosen from three different grade-based groups and will be awarded U.
Easy student won a trip to Walt Disney World and received a $5,000 U.
Thus, even if a trustee arbitrarily decided to invest 100% of the assets in U.
Prior law continues to provide a tax exemption for a qualifying redemption of certain Series EE U.
The approach would allow American Citizens to buy fully-protected, government-backed bonds in the names of children, as well as for themselves -- in the same manner as U.