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the bureau of the Commerce Department responsible for taking the census

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The CQA program is a key component of the 2020 Decennial Census and our world-class customer experience solution will help the U.
The model was developed by applying well-established statistical techniques to data from the American Housing Survey (conducted by the U.
Consumers who fall into one of four categories may be eligible to receive pro bono assistance under the Project for Financial Independence: low-income individuals (as defined by the U.
demographic data, the primary website to browse is the American FactFinder, which is operated and maintained by the U.
9 million tons--up 21% compared with the same period in 2002--according to U.
Using a revised Standard Industrial Classification listing for industry groups, the U.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- 1Spatial, a geospatial company which manages the world's largest spatial data and its US partner, LSI, has signed a contract to supply the U.
HERE, a leader in mapping and location technology, said it has received a contract from the U.
Educational Attainment in the United States: 2007 About 33 percent of young women aged 25 to 29 had a bachelor's degree or more education in 2007, compared with 26 percent of their male counterparts, according to tabulations released by the U.
The investigators generated these statistics using data from the American Community Survey, "a U.
The IRS disallowed all the claimed travel expenses; it contended that, because Wisconsin Rapids is not a metropolitan area as defined by the U.
Population estimates for the states and for Puerto Rico are from the U.
Construction spending continues to climb in some sectors, according to the U.
In yet another indication of the popularity of same-sex marriage among gay couples, the U.
In this case, hazard values are linked to fate, transport, and exposure models that generate a surrogate dose to actual populations as they are defined by the U.