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the bureau of the Commerce Department responsible for taking the census

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This is far and away the most diverse region in the country and one of the hardest to count,'' said Anthony Greno, a U.
Beyond 20/20 has been awarded a contract to supply its data dissemination software to the U.
To promote vendor-neutral dissemination of TIGER(R) data and to reduce the software maintenance burdens imposed by periodic file format changes, the U.
IBM has retained Fenestra Technologies Corporation to help prepare printed reports for American FactFinder, the electronic system for accessing and disseminating U.
Competitive advantages include its flexibility with existing systems and emerging technologies, and its cumulative experience with clients such as the U.
Going End-to-End: Interoperable E-Business Standards Integrated with End-User and Internal Interactions," a new white paper by the Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA), highlights Fenestra Technologies Corporation's work with the U.
Among the government agencies that are taking advantage of Akamai's services are the U.