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Summary: Reports of the Egyptian government blocking employees of non-governmental organizations, including American citizens and the son of a U.
The throngs of young women who see a role model in Baby admire, no doubt, her apparent poisenamed after Frances Perkins, FDR's Secretary of Labor and the first woman to serve in the U.
Their meeting came during a four-day visit to the United States from Monday by Karzai and a full roster of Afghan ministers for discussions with U.
When the Earth Observation Summit was held in Washington on 31 July 2003, it was on a scale that few of its organizers might have anticipated--five U.
As the first book-length treatment of gender in the U.
After meeting with Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge at the White House, NOD sent letters to U.
city department manager is more than twice that of any U.
At least completion of a university degree generally is a requisite for the U.
The legislation sought collaboration between the Great Lakes Interagency Task Force (IATF) a collection of 11 U.
Summary: Hillary Clinton landed in Tripoli on Tuesday morning on an unannounced visit, the first to Libya by a U.
The effect of questionnaire length on participant response rate: A case study in the U.
Energy Secretary Bill Richardson will visit Taipei next week, becoming the first U.
Rubio in introducing the Taiwan Travel Act, which will allow U.