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a university in Seattle, Washington

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the Albany-based lobbyist U-DUB and Mansfield contracted last month to help find state legislative relief.
He was taken around U-Dub by (Washington basketball Coach) Hec Edmundson himself.
Given the shame of a one-game suspension, a lesser mascot might have turned bitter and vengeful; I can imagine King Redoubt, the Washington Huskies' Alaskan malamute, christening the fire hydrant in front of the U-Dub athletic department or Brutus Buckeye saying "Nuts to this" and transferring to Michigan.
But we did hold up a UO flag long enough to get a few pictures for our U-Dub friends.
I have no problem with Oregon fans not liking the Huskies and making comments about U-Dub.
We saw you helpless in Seattle - standing there while the seconds ticked away toward the U-Dub victory.
And, hey, do Harvard or U-Dub have children's patios featuring elephant mosaics?