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Synonyms for zephyr

a gentle wind


a natural movement or current of air

Synonyms for zephyr

(Greek mythology) the Greek god of the west wind

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Tzafrir said the total cost of the project will reach 7 billion shekels ($1.82 billion).
One of the complainants at the CAB was a foreigner who identified himself as Yinon Tzafrir from Israel.
Israeli soldiers mourn during the funeral of Major Tzafrir Bar-Or, 32, one <Bof 13 soliders killed in several separate incidents in Shijaiya, Gaza
As they face increasingly fierce global competition and market uncertainties in a turbulent time, organizations worldwide have recognized that people are the most important resource for sustainable organizational development (Jimenez-Jimenez & Sanz-Valle, 2008; Tzafrir, Meshoulam, & Baruch, 2007).
The impact of employee training on company performance is well-documented (Bassie & McMurrer, 2007; Harel & Tzafrir, 1999).
A compreensao do fenomeno da confianca entre pessoas, grupos ou instituicoes fornece material para diversas abordagens no campo da antropologia, da sociologia, da economia, da psicologia e da administracao (Fukuyama, 1996; Giddens, 1991; Kramer & Tyler, 1996; Lane, 1996; Luhmann, 1979; Tzafrir & Harel, 2002; Zand, 1972).
(Haim Tabakman, 2009), Campfire (Joseph Cedar, 2004), and Fill the Void (Rama Burshtein, 2012) or TV drama series such as Another Life (Hebrew: Khaim Akherim, Yossi Mad moni, Tzafrir Kohanovski, Erez Kay-El, Arik Rotshtein, 2010), Srugim (Lazie Shapira, Hava Divon, 20082011), and Meorav YerushalmiJerusalern Mix (Udi Leon, Jacky Levi, Nissim Levi, Yaacov Golwasser, Shai Kannot, 2004-2006, 2009), religious Israeli Jews in diverse sociocultural versions frequent Israeli screens as these dramas' protagonists, their lives and dilemmas objects of great curiosity, identification, and para-social engagement for Israeli viewers in the recent decade.
A partir de la decada de los noventa del siglo pasado, la direccion estrategica de recursos humanos ha experimentado un considerable desarrollo tanto en Espana (Peiro, 1992; Quijano, 2006; Rodriguez-Fernandez, 2008, 2009) como a nivel internacional (Brewster, 1993, 1995, 1999; Delery y Doty, 1996; Milkovich y Boudreau, 1991; Sparrow y Hiltrop, 1994; Tzafrir, Harel, Baruch y Dolan, 2004; Wright y Snell, 1991; Yongmei, Combs, Ketchen y Ireland, 2007).
A "vulnerabilidade" representa a possibilidade da pessoa que confia vir a sofrer perdas ou outras experiencias negativas resultantes do comportamento da parte em quem a confianca e depositada (Tzafrir & Dolan, 2004).
For example, training activities enhance workers' satisfaction with their job and their commitment to the organization (Harel and Tzafrir, 1999); career development reinforces the psychological contract and increases employees' commitment to the firm (Harel and Tzafrir, 1999); worker autonomy and participation in decision making appears to promote commitment (Parker et al., 2006; Scott-Ladd et al., 2006).
Such practices may include those ensuring justice like merit based selection, performance based pay, growth oriented training and development, individual oriented career development, development oriented performance appraisal, supervisory support and work-life balance (Tzafrir et al., 2003).