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autosomal recessive defect in tyrosine metabolism resulting in liver and kidney disturbances and mental retardation

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Recent publications of tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) methods for measuring SUAC concentrations in dried blood spot (DBS) specimens (7-11) have presented practical protocols for NBS for tyrosinemia type I, and NBS laboratories worldwide are implementing these and other protocols (12, 13).
In 2008, NSQAP began development of a SUAC QA program to support laboratories that perform NBS tests for tyrosinemia type I.
Laboratories are evaluated on how successfully they use their quantitative results to classify PT specimens as "within limits" and "outside limits." Three of the 33 participating laboratories submitted a total of 4 false-negative misclassifications for tyrosinemia type I that were associated with reported low quantitative SUAC values.
Through QA services and technical consultation, methods for detecting asymptomatic newborns with tyrosinemia type I should continue to improve.
This metabolism may be abnormal regardless of whether a metabolic disease is present, e.g., liver disease or tyrosinemia. Detection of a high tyrosine concentration is important to the healthcare provider but not to a state-mandated newborn-screening program that is interested solely in detecting an inherited metabolic disease.
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