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a picturesque mountainous province of western Austria and northern Italy

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RELAX on a journey of pure nostalgia with the LittleTrains of the Austrian Tyrol.
You'll fly to Innsbruck in the heart of the Tyrol, Austria's holiday paradise, to enjoy a choice of two holidays based in the resort of Fugen, at the entrance to the famously scenic Zillertal Valley.
A meeting attendee asked what percentage of the total Tyrol candidate population is willing to participate in screening.
The rapporteur, Luis Durnwalder (EPP, Italy), president of South Tyrol, considers that these regions must "benefit from more vigorous support than they have received until now" and is calling for a European policy to be specifically dedicated to these zones.
Tolerance through law; self governance and group rights in South Tyrol.
For 2008, the company is wrapping its Pocket Tyrol in Italian leather, presenting an elegant--yes, I used that word--optic that has the highest "must-have" factor.
Fourteen teachers from the Tyrol in northern Italy will arrive in the country today and visit six of the county's schools.
The Tyrol regional government wants to limit lorries driving between Germany and Italy across its ecologically sensitive mountain region and has identified such cargoes as being generally carried by transit traffic.
19-21: International Conference: Eating Disorders; Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria; www.netzwerk-essstoerungen.at
IF you think St Anton in Austria's East Tyrol is just for skiing, then think again.
Speaking from her hospital bed in Schwaz in the Tyrol, she said: 'The weather was great and we were following the path up out of the Zillertal valley.
Empire, and traces the attempts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to integrate the region fiscally and administratively with the neighboring county of Tyrol. More broadly, however, the author uses Trent as what he calls a "precious picklock" (grimaldello prezioso, 76) to examine larger constitutional, institutional, social, political, and military issues pertaining both to the local region and to the empire as a whole.
With a framed text and a childhood photograph, Baruwa provided us with a bit of autobiographical information right as we entered the exhibition: He was born in London in 1975, the child of an Italian mother and a Nigerian father, but he grew up in the mountains of Tyrol. Apparently it's important in him that we know this--though it doesn't help us in understanding his sculptures.
to South Tyrol where the alpine terrain required of the medical service very different strategies to those learnt during the fighting in the lowlands of Galicia.