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a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea


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Danon should learn of the Tyrian Shekel which was first minted in 126 BC with Greek letters.
The Tyrian Shekel is one coin every Jewish numismatist should know all about.
In 1831, Ira Hill, a schoolteacher from Maryland, claimed he had deduced from the Old Testament that the rock was engraved "in the second month in the tenth year of the reign of King Solomon by an expedition of Tyrians and Jews ..."
(2.) Josephus equates this drought with the one that the Hellenistic historian Menander found recorded in the archives of Tyre: "Now Menander mentions this drought in his account of the acts of Ethbaal, King of the Tyrians, where he says thus: Under him there was a want of rain from the month Hyperberetmus till the month Hyperberetmus of the year following; but when he made supplications, there came great thunderings" (Antiquities, VIII:18:2).
Others had gone over to the Tyrian party, out of self-interest or self-preservation.
The antient writers represent the Tyrians as the first among whom Architecture was carried to any tolerable pitch; and hence it was that Solomon had recourse thither for workmen to build his temple.