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a style of expressing yourself in writing

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From table 3, the F-value and significance level suggest that there is no effect of gender, type of writing and their interaction on the physical health domain of Quality of life variable.
Each text type is accompanied by a framework which specifies the requirements of that specific type of writing and the half A4 blank page can be used for individual and relevant stimulus which is particularly useful for small groups where there is a distinct need.
I am no apologist for any politician, but this type of writing goes beyond the pale and is not deserving of your magazine.
Since relatively little is known about young people's views about writing in the UK, the key objectives of this survey were: to explore how much young people enjoy writing, what type of writing they engage in, how good at writing they think they are and what they think about writing.
As Keith Waldrop notes in the introduction to his wonderful new translation of Paris Spleen, what prevents some of us from accepting this fairly obvious idea is that English packs two separate meanings into the word "prose": a type of writing built from sentences (as distinguished from verse), and a type of writing that isn't poetic (per Shklovsky).
Unique in the world, A2iA DocumentReader classifies virtually any type of incoming document regardless of format (structured, semi-structured or unstructured) and extracts virtually any type of writing (machine printed characters, handprinted or cursive handwriting).
This type of writing might have spread across southern Mexico, says Houston.
In fact, the primary type of writing taught in composition across the country sometimes seems antithetical to peaceable communication and probably wouldn't resolve a fight with a sibling or anyone else.
"I don't think it will affect the type of writing that we do, I don't think that we have to get morose in our writing, but it will certainly inspire us to go forward and to be creative in Maurice's name."
As the editor says in his introduction, a type of writing that Walpole admitted was 'all imagination and improbability' has spread its appeal over four centuries and round the world.
Each house contains hot spots that provide access to two major projects, a lesson on a particular type of writing and a skill option where students can practice basic writing skills.
The novel is excessively exaggerated and repetitive, and although Ferron may be a master of this type of writing, it soon becomes tiresome to go on reading.
One can see why Oprah and her readers are attracted to this type of writing. It's clear, it's accessible, it satisfies one's need to hear stories that move us to tears.
Similarly, a specific work or type of writing can belong to a tradition; heroic poetry, for example, is said to be part of the oral tradition.
In this type of writing, sometimes called journal writing or expressive writing, one simply expresses oneself without regard to schema, purpose, or audience.