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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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While the Navy is developing an incremental regional fielding plan for the NWU Type III, this transition period will give Sailors time to prepare for the change and allow them to get maximum wear out of recently purchased NWU Type I uniforms.
Radiographs and computed tomography (CT) showed a minimally displaced Anderson type III odontoid fracture (Figure 1(a)) and cut-out of a proximal femoral nail implanted several months earlier for a trochanteric fracture.
We conclude that on the basis of generally accepted definitions SCCmec type V is present in these ST398 pig-farming-related isolates, not SCCmec type III.
According to the Duncan groupings (Table 2), the formulation, 3S fiber with Portland cement type III and Mg[Cl.
3) These proposals are included in the advance notice of proposed rulemaking, which provides that a Type III supporting organization that is "not functionally integrated" will be required to distribute annually to or for the use of its supported organizations an amount equal to at least 5% of the aggregate fair market value of all its assets (other than assets that are used, or held for use, directly in supporting the charitable programs of its supported organizations).
Of the 19 feet that were rated as type III on initial evaluation, 18 (94.
The third type of stent was a self-retaining H-shaped silicone tube, which was used for procedures that involved a type III revision (figure 3).
A Type III civilization operates on a galactic scale, occupying numerous solar systems.
The use of design parameters suggested by previous research under the predicted flow conditions at Cedar Run 6 would have favored a Type II stilling basin rather than the shorter, more economical, Type III stilling basin.
Surface it to say that for maximum flexibility, be sure your laptop contains an expansion slot that can handle either a Type II or Type III card; the Type III card provides the most flexibility but is also more expensive.
A Type III slot will accept one Type III card, two Type II cards or one Type II and one Type I card.
In the case of JP-4 and JP-8 standard test fluids - Type I (for JP-8) and Type III (for JP-4) - are used.
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