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a small sponge cake with a synthetic cream filling

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while trying to levitate over the Hollywood sign, Mummy-ji gives him an ultimatum: Find a nice Indian girl to marry or she'll call off Twinky's upcoming marriage.
That same night, during his keynote address, Twinky was at his best.
In November 2010, maestro Ryan Cayabyab, former record label executive Twinky Lagdameo and businessman/music enthusiast Jun Sy teamed up to launch a groundbreaking project called 'Elements Music Camp' - a mentorship program in which the country's top singer-songwriters and industry practitioners shared their knowledge and experience with aspiring music artists chosen through auditions.
Drive like the district nurse and your diesel C1 will return more MPG than a hybrid; Cabin is funky, with iPod port and twinky tacho
Sy Jr., and music industry veterans Ryan Cayabyab and Twinky Lagdameo.