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a member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and Burundi

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The site filled up because even Tutsis who had survived attacks in neighbouring communes fled to Gikongoro; they assumed it would be safer.
The Rwandan genocide that led to the death of 800, 000 Tutsi and 50,000 moderate Hutu is one of the most horrendous atrocities in human history.
Over the next three hours, unarmed Tutsis were shot, blown up or butchered with machetes, spears and clubs.
Hutus blamed Tutsi rebels, many of whom had come into Rwanda from neighboring Uganda.
Carney states that the Catholic Church in the 1950s represents the resurgence and ultimate triumph of the "church from below," formed by the first Rwandese converts who came from the ranks of Hutu peasants and marginalized petit Tutsis.
However, she has been criticised for not sticking to what she calls the "official story" that only Tutsis were killed.
Crawford succeeds in laying out the historical context leading to the genocide of the Tutsis in 1994 without overwhelming the immediacy of Faustin's voice.
Tutsis were given access to limited education programs and Catholic priesthood.
Government officials organised Hutu militias across the country to systematically kill Tutsis, who they blamed for the assassination.
The 59-year-old member of the Hutu tribe, who has lived in Finland since 2003, was found guilty of intending to "destroy in whole or part the Rwandan Tutsis as a group".
El 6 de abril de 1994, el avion del Presidente Habyarimana, un Falcon con tripulacion francesa, es atacado con misiles, en las horas que siguen el genocidio se iniciara: En 100 dias 800 mil ruandeses y tutsis son exterminados, el coronel Bagosora es acusado en 2005 por el fiscal del Tribunal Penal Internacional por Ruanda de asumir la noche del 6 de abril de 1994 la responsabilidad de iniciar el genocidio.
Although Hutus encompass the majority of the population, historically Tutsis have been politically and economically dominant.
But they understood the separation as being within a single people: The Tutsis were lords, the Hutus their subjects.
He had been accused of genocide, complicity in genocide, murder and rape in the massacres in which 800,000 minority Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus were killed.