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the ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers

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According to the results, the value of shares traded relative to GDP has a positive and significant influence on economic growth, but the capitalisation and turnover ratios are too low to influence growth.
2013) considered market capitalization, value of traded stocks and turnover ratio as proxies for stock market development and applied causality test on time series data from 1986 to 2011 for Nigerian economy and concluded that stock market development do not have significant impact on economic growth in Nigeria.
Bankrupt firms tend to have poorer liquidity, lower turnover ratios, lower profitability and higher financial leverage compared with non-bankrupt firms prior to bankruptcy.
Spend on the playing squad subsequent to the year-end will see the wage bill, and the wages to turnover ratio, rise in 2015-16 to a level more consistent with the club's business plan.
The results obtained from the bankruptcy prediction model by using the accounting variable indicates that the variable of bankruptcy was negatively related to the return on capital employed, return on assets, debt ratio, working capital to asset ratio, and asset turnover ratio.
For example, if a mutual fund invests in 100 stocks and 50 of them are replaced, the fund would have a turnover ratio of 50 percent.
We measured their performance on following parameters-mid-cap and small-cap exposure, turnover ratio, standard deviation of return and cash holding-in the three years to 31 December 2014.
In sharp contrast to other GCC markets, Bahrain registered a turnover ratio of mere three per cent.
Johnston also claims there is "little wriggle room" as UEFA FA F guidelines insist the wages to turnover ratio does not exceed 70 per cent.
Swansea's pledge to keep their wage to turnover ratio at around 70% was kept last year (72%) although their reliance on income from bumper broadcasting deals was also illustrated with only Wigan leaning heavier on TV cash at more than 75%.
If there were multiple candidate matches, the authors picked the fund that had the closest match in the order of TNA, age, expense ratio and turnover ratio.
3 Receivables turnover ratio index X 2 Inventory turnover ratio Current asset turnover ratio Fixed asset turnover ratio Total asset turnover ratio Profitability 0.
The results indicated that between return on assets and assets turnover ratio with management ownership, there is a non-linear and positive meaningful relationship and between operation expenses ratios to sales and management ownership, a non-linear and negative meaningful relationship was found [10].
This is evident from the portfolio turnover ratio of existing close- ended equity funds, which are mostly tax- saving funds.
3565 TABLE 4 IMPACT OF MONETARY POLICY ON INVENTORY TURNOVER RATIO Regression Analysis DV: Inventory Turnover IVs Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Intercept 0.