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the ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers

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Market liquidity is also low, with turnover ratio of less than 1 percent in Swaziland compared with about 29 percent in Mexico.
They find that Japanese manufacturing firms have significantly higher accounts receivable turnover, inventory turnover and fixed assets turnover ratios compared with U.
The most important activity ratios include asset turnover ratio and inventory turnover ratio (Veronica & Anantadjay, 2014).
The turnover ratio of a mutual fund is measured as a percentage of the fund's holdings that have been sold and replaced during the prior year.
APPROPRIATE PRINCIPLE FOR EACH CATEGORY (LIQUIDITY RATIOS, SMALLER-BETTER PRINCIPLE) Nominal Smaller Bigger Category Better Better Better Liquidity ratios 178 162 168 Financial leverage ratios 1 178 174 166 Financial leverage ratios 2 178 178 182 Turnover ratios 1 178 162 162 Turnover ratios 2 178 184 178 Profitability ratios 178 178 158 Growth ratios 178 190 152 Category Appropriate principle Liquidity ratios Smaller-Better Financial leverage ratios 1 Bigger-Better Financial leverage ratios 2 Nominal/Smaller-Better Turnover ratios 1 Smaller/Bigger-Better Turnover ratios 2 Nominal/Bigger-Better Profitability ratios Bigger-Better Growth ratios Bigger-Better TABLE 6.
However, a high turnover ratio certainly indicates aggressive fund management.
If there were multiple candidate matches, the authors picked the fund that had the closest match in the order of TNA, age, expense ratio and turnover ratio.
Keywords : Monetary policy, Insulation hypothesis, Leverage, Net working capital, Turnover ratios JEL Classification: E44, E50, E52, G30, G31
Turnover ratios revealed that the circulation of working capital was also not efficient.
The Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand had the most liquid government bond markets - as measured by quarterly turnover ratios - at the end of 2011.
HDFC Mutual Fund plans such as HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Equity have the lowest portfolio turnover ratios.
For instance, due to extensive and sometimes overvalued facilities networks, these sectors are peculiar with relatively high volumes of equity, which, in turn, causes relatively low equity turnover ratios.
The result could be lower asset turnover ratios, lower return on capital, and an increase in debt-toequity ratios, which could impact borrowing capacity or compliance with loan covenants.
In the graphic below are the comparative wages/ turnover ratios for the leading European football countries over the last 10 seasons.