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time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip


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'While we are using an alternate system of check-in and boarding, please expect slower turnaround times, as we exert all efforts to restore the system,' it said.
From 2015 to October 2018, turnaround times for health product reviews were reduced from an average of 93.32 days to 16.19 days; for P&C, the turnaround time went from 71.27 days to 9.64 days.
When the team identifies the abnormal flow condition, it can implement standard work to deal with the unexpected and maintain turnaround times without management intervention.
NMHC now has increased capacity, faster and more-consistent turnaround times (TAT), and staffing efficiencies.
John Marr, secretary of the GMB union's Scottish Ambulance branch, blamed a combination of more people dialling 999 for non-emergencies, a lack of staff at hospitals and the centralisation of A&E services for the increased turnaround times.
Scribendi.com hopes that fast, guaranteed turnaround times will alleviate this pressure and help students and business professionals alike meet their academic and working goals.
Volvo Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo AB (NASDAQ: VOLV), has reportedly decreased the turnaround times of critical assembly line manufacturing tools by more than 94 percent by using Stratasys 3D printing.
Mr Nesbitt continued: "The pressures across our hospitals are having a knock-on impact on ambulance turnaround times.
As mega-container ships replace smaller vessels, port productivity, turnaround times and throughput time for containers are important metrics for carriers and trade customers in order to realise significant cost savings, a report said.
"These many unique features have been enabled through a strategic tie up with Network International which holds a commanding position in the merchant acquiring space in the United Arab Emirates, a result of their superior technology, committed service delivery and improved turnaround times, all of which are critical requirements for a robust and growth-oriented Point of Sale service", added Al Raeesi.
Participants also provided information on levels of testing priority, expected turnaround times, and monitoring of turnaround times.
Figures uncovered by the Echo show turnaround times for the month of May - a measure of the duration between an ambulance arriving at a hospital and being ready to respond to another incident.
Its capacity to handle 37 containers per crane per hour has made it possible to achieve one of the best turnaround times, said managing company APM Terminals chief executive officer Marco Neelsen.
A Freedom of Information request to the North East Ambulance Service found only hospitals in Alnwick, Berwick, Bishop Auckland, Cumbria and Newcastle's RVI had not suffered consecutive year-on-year increases in their turnaround times.
According to Brazeau, Commerce Label & Tape has seen an increased demand for short runs, faster turnaround times, and jobs with added value.