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A collision involving two vehicles closed one lane of three on the A19 between the Portrack and Norton turn-offs just before 5pm.
If you're at: Junction 26 The turn-off is for: Cwmbran, Newport and Caerleon Just 1.7 miles from Junction 26 is the Usk Vale Restaurant (Pilmawr Road, Newport NP18 3QZ) which does everything pub grub-style, from Sunday lunches to gammon, egg and chips.
"We saw that the Wrexham turn-off was closed and the eastbound carriageway was down to a single lane.
Gaybo, who has passed on the Late Late mantle to Pat Kenny, said: "The north was a big turn-off. It was interesting at the beginning but as it ground on and on I realised that it was a switch off."
Biggest kissing turn-off: "Kisses that are just too wet aren't good."
Combining both a metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) and a gate turn-off thyristor (GTO), this product can be easily integrated in series and parallel connections.
Not so big a turn-off that she turned down the pounds 1,500 Cartier gold ring and other similarly expensive jewellery.
I also took pictures of a resident's bathroom, showing the water turn-off valves for the sink and toilet.
Between 4.30pm and 6.30pm we want as many people as possible to turn-off their computers at work, press the off-button on their TV, unplug their computer games and make sure nothing is left on stand-by.
OVERWEIGHT women may be a turn-off for British men - but big is beautiful on the continent.
IRISH chat show king Gay Byrne has described Ulster politics as a "monster turn-off" which left him and his viewers bored.