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Synonyms for Turkmen

a member of a Turkic people living in Turkmenistan and neighboring areas

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a republic in Asia to the east of the Caspian Sea and to the south of Kazakhstan and to the north of Iran

the Turkic language spoken by the Turkoman

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HATAY (CyHAN)- Turkmens living in the Bayyrbucak area near Turkey's Yayladay-y border gate with Syria regained on Friday morning the control of Kyzylday- (red mountain), one of three strategic hills which had fallen into the hands of the Syrian army on Thursday.
Head of Front, MP Arshad al-Salhi told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that the Turkmen are more Iraqi components that have suffered a great injustice and harm of terrorism of Daash, calling for the formation of a Turkmen force to liberate the territory of the Turkmen usurped by Daash and return the displaced people to their homes after the liberation and reconstruction.
This regiment consisting of volunteers will be created to protect both Iraq and the Turkmen community," Arjan Katana said at a press conference on Friday, RIA Novosti reported.
Turkmen refined oil products move to neighbouring Caspian countries, shipped from the Turmenbashi terminal on the Caspian coast.
The new camp, announced by the Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate, will be near Duhok and will only hold Turkmen, Anadolu Agency reported.
The problem studied in this paper is the Turkmen ethnic genealogy and evolution of social life in the among Baghdad Shahsavan tribe and the impact of the new environment on the quality of their lives [5].
The project was called to protect the Turkmen community following the control of Da'ish gunmen on Mosul and northern parts of Iraq.
At the end of the next high-level meeting, it is planned to sign a package of documents that will determine the key vectors of the further interactions of the two friendly states demonstrating the mutual desire to intensify fruitful, mutually beneficial cooperation and common constructive attitudes to the solution of topical modern problems," the Turkmen government said.
We're the last Turkmen village where everyone still speaks Turkish," Kaweishra mayor Mustafa Khodar says, sitting at the local Turkish restaurant Yildizlar, one of several local businesses inspired by his ancestral homeland.
A special flight of the Turkmenistan Airlines brought back the Turkmen contingent that participated in the Incheon Games and won 7 medals.
BAGHDAD, January 18, 2012 - Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Arshad al-Salehi said that the future of Turkmens in Iraq was in danger.
Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Turkmen President Berdymukhammedov witnessed the signing of accords as the representatives from both the countries inked the documents, in a ceremony held at the Prime Minister House.
France: Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov on Wednesday inaugurated the first 3D cinema in a country where films were banned until 2008 by his eccentric predecessor.
A new Kurdish governor and a Turkmen provincial council chief were elected on Tuesday in Iraq's northern Kirkuk, enraging Arab politicians in the disputed city who said they would boycott the council, Reuters reported.