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a drink made from pulverized coffee beans

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Coffee is also an integral part of the traditional prewedding ceremony with the bride serving Turkish coffee with salt to the groom to test his masculinity and readiness for marriage.
Turkish coffee culture and tradition goes back to the 16th century when coffee started to be served at coffee houses in Istanbul which also brought together cultural movements, social values and beliefs within the context of socialization.
He produces Turkish coffee from high quality Brazilian coffee beans.
Two decades ago you wouldn't have seen a single American coffee drinker; however there were some hooked on to Turkish coffee in tiny little mugs most of them were either from Lebanon or Syria.
Designed by Kunter Sekercioglu and produced in his own workshop called Kilit Tas1 (Keystone), Dervish is a Turkish coffee cup and its plate, made of porcelain (see image on previous page).
And it's either Americano Black or Arabian and Turkish Coffee. Coffee is in my blood, running through my veins.
Below the surface, though, the coffee business in Portland is a fascinating microcosm of the world coffee industry (in fact, with Proud Mary opening in the Alberta Arts District, Tov serving Turkish coffee in a double-decker bus, and Kopi serving an ever-widening menu of Indonesian and Eastern Asian drinks, the world is opening its doors in Portland) tempered by the Pacific Northwest phlegmatic mindset.
The Turkish treats available include the traditional Turkish ice cream and the strong Turkish coffee, which can be purchased either ready-brewed or all packaged to take home.
Enjoy a Turkish coffee in cute, boutique cafes while talking to local musicians.
We're overwhelmed by the assortment of Turkish coffee, stained glass lanterns, delicate jewelry and souvenirs decorated with the Evil Eye.
The most popular type of coffee in Slovenia remains Turkish coffee.
That means Korean tacos come to the table alongside jerk chicken and caprese salads and delicate cups of Turkish coffee. We'll take it all.
There were pointed arches and alcoves with traditional Turkish coffee pots and water pipes etc.
For most of us, fierce soldiers, Turkish coffee and Turkish carpets are the first three things that come to mind upon hearing the country's name.
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