Turkey red

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a bright orange-red color produced in cotton cloth with alizarine dye

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Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a cafe with several vegetarian and vegan options, Turkey Red is also a bakery, offering breads by the loaf in a rotating weekly schedule that includes a Focaccia of the Day, which differs every day of the week except Sunday, when the cafe/bakery is closed.
Reminding the age-old relations between the two countries, Faqih asked for fostering ties between Iran and Turkey Red Crescent Societies.
The daily routines and challenges of prairie life were virtually identical for Mennonites and Hutterites-from planting Turkey Red wheat through encounters with blizzards, grasshoppers and tornados.
The dancers wear white linen blouses with a 3 inch band of turkey red linen round neck, and a similar one round shoulders--like a cape; red cuffs about 4 in.
In the two-volume set, Harding traces the history of Redwork, also known as Turkey Red, teaches you how to make your own quilt, and shares plenty of original designs that can be easily traced.
A few farmers, mostly Mennonite immigrants, were just learning that Turkey Red wheat is well adapted to large areas in Kansas and Nebraska.