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Synonyms for Thanksgiving

a short prayer said at meals

Synonyms for Thanksgiving

fourth Thursday in November in the United States

a short prayer of thanks before a meal

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"We have an annual turkey day, sometime around the end of February or the first of March," he said.
But for some, turkey day is just another day of severe or persistent heartburn, and that chronic digestive trouble may be a sign of a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), an expert says.
In Texas, Turkey Hunting is On the Decline, by Miles Hutson - On your Turkey Day, take a gander at Texas' biggest game bird - from population trends to record-setting hunts.
Some religious Jews care little about Turkey Day; in the ultra-Orthodox community, for instance, schools are open on Thanksgiving, and most people aren't watching a parade or a football game.
Some have reached into Turkey Day and stuffed a few late-day hours into the mix.
Stressed-out shoppers were finally thinking of putting their feet up when they were hit with National Defrost Your Turkey Day on December 22.
THE UK's inaugural National Defrost Your Turkey Day takes place today, after a survey found millions have been thawing their bird in places such as the bath and the garden shed.
Today is "National Defrost Your Turkey Day" prompting Christmas cooks to start thinking of the defrosting process in plenty of time to avoid getting caught out.
Doyle Field, even on a sunny Saturday morning after a two-day postponement because of snow, was filled with the familiar football intensity of another Leominster-Fitchburg Turkey Day Classic.
The once-canceled Leominster Turkey Day pep rally was held after all, thanks to the efforts of students, parents and Mayor Dean J.
on Turkey Day, out of roughly 248 million raised in America this year.
Get into the holiday spirit and make a centerpiece for Turkey Day. You'll discover an artist in you!
The Manchester attorney/NHBR columnist weathers the tryptophan on Turkey Day and decides he won't be running for the GOP guy nomination after all.
Fruscione will not be too happy on turkey day but Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, who championed the highly-subsidized Hamister project, will be enjoying his bird with his family as he won the fight and will have a new majority on the council come January that will be much more friendly to his ventures than the Fruscione group.
Usually the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights happens in December, but this year, it falls on Turkey Day. There's got to be some connection between Thanksgiving and Chanukah, something that's speaking to us especially this year.