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Turbellaria were detected in the intestines of 3% of the oysters with nets, in 7% of oysters with no nets, and in none in oysters from the control lot.
TABLE 3 List of all taxa collected from the 5 sites on Buff Bay River between May 1997 and October 1998 Site Site Site Higher Taxon Family Genus / Species 1% 2% 3% Turbellaria Dugesidae Girardia sp.
The invertebrates were identified at family level (BRINKHURST; MARCHESE, 1989; MCCAFERTY, 1981; MERRITT; CUMMINS, 1996; PENNAK, 1989; TRIVINHO-STRIXINO; STRIXINO, 1995), except Odonata (being damaged), and Turbellaria, Collembola, being used in this taxonomic level to carry out the analysis.
Turbellaria was in Big, Moonshine, Post, Soldier, and Marijilda Canyon creeks.
Although adult morphology varies vastly across the group, many core Lophotrochozoa (including the Mollusca, Annelida [including Vestimentifera, Pogonophora, and Echiura, and possibly Myzostoma, and Sipunculida], Gnathostomulida, Nemertea, dicyemid Mesozoa, Entoprocta, and some Platyhelminthes [including polyclad Turbellaria, Catenulida, and Macrostomida]) exhibit spiral cleavage, a highly conserved pattern of early development.
Opuesto al F2, la misma variable descarga y en menor grado los TDS, continuan ejerciendo importante contribucion relacionada a los taxa; Athericidae, Chironomidae, Turbellaria y Blepharoceridae, del sitio 3 en los meses de Diciembre, Septiembre y Julio (Figura 5).
Greenhouses in the temperate zone, for example, create a replica of tropical environments, and diverse species of seaweed, arthropods and Turbellaria typical of warm climates can be found in them.
Phylum Platyhelminthes Class Turbellaria (Flatworms)
33 [1] Cochamo 20 23 (20-27) 0 0 Cochamo 30 77 (62-92) 0 13 [20(1-75)1 Ralun 15 74 (66-82) 0 7 [1-41 Site Ciliate P (%) Turbellaria Copepod P (%) [MI (range)] P (%) [MI (rangc)] [MI (rangc)] Chiloc * 15 [4 (1-16)J 0 0 Marimelli 0 0 0 Marimclli 100 [58 (5-144)] 3.
Additions to the Turbellaria, Nemertina, and Annelida of the Bermudas, with a revision of the New England genera and species.
Zur Morphologie, Entstehungsweise und Funktion des Spaltrussels der Turbellaria Schizorhynchia.