Tupi-Guarani language

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a family of South American Indian languages

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It is important to observe that the same kind of reduction also took place in the individual history of other Tupi-Guarani languages, such as Urubu-Ka'apor and Guaja.
However this lost was not exclusive of LGA, other Tupi-Guarani languages have also lost this mood, as it is the case of Wayampi, Zo'e, Emerillon, Urubu-Ka'apor, all belonging to the branch VIII of the family.
A fact of interest here is that some Tupi-Guarani languages have the form-rame, while others have the form-reme, and still others have-ramo.
It is important to observe that other Tupi-Guarani languages also have replaced the original subjunctive suffix by a particle, as it is the case of Tembe, Urubu-Ka'apor, Guaja, among others.
However, Jensen does not mention Tupi-Guarani languages with either gender systems or passives.
Another point is that the INC/EXC contrast plays its role in transitivity: in Tupi-Guarani languages, for instance, 'I verb you' (the "sagittal form" in Hagege's terms, see Hagege 2001) is expressed by using EXC only.