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MEDENINE, (TAP) -- The movement of return of Tunisian nationals from Libya through the Ras Jedir border crossing continues at a normal pace, a security source told TAP on Saturday.
Meeting a Tunisian media delegation in Damascus on Tuesday, al-Ahmad said all arrested persons who fought alongside the terrorist organizations are given a fair trial at the Syrian courts.
Government service provision capacity for Tunisians abroad and civil society capacity for socio-economic development remain a challenge.
Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the diplomatic mission of Tunisia in Baghdad has followed closely the conditions of the Tunisians prisoners in Iraq, directly with the Iraqi authorities by the lawyer for the embassy, confirming that the embassy is keen to visit these prisoners periodically in various Iraqi prisons and take care for their interests and ensure their defense, according to the statement /.
In addition to bringing new prosperity, Tunisians expected that the post-revolution process would start with an elected interim National Constituent Assembly (ANC) that would write a new constitution and then prepare for a new election that would usher in a democratic order.
Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi ben Jeddou disclosed to legislators of the country's National Constituent Assembly on Thursday the sexual jihad that Tunisian women had been engaging in.
It was not the case for other Tunisians as a peaceful protest was staged by families of the martyrs, the wounded and victims of the Tunisian Revolution.
Tunisian Minister of Human Rights and Transitional Justice Samir Dello, who is also the official spokesman of the Tunisian government, said in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that Qatar's undertaking to provide medical treatment to the 20 wounded was the most generous offer by a sisterly state to Tunisia and is not surprising, noting that Qatar stood by the Tunisian people since the beginning of the revolution and until now.
The press attache of the Tunisian embassy in Damascus confirmed to Tunisia Live that approximately two thousand Tunisian nationals fled the country since the uprisings began, and that less than one thousand Tunisians remain.
One of the Tunisians said, "long live Erdogan, we love him so much," whereas another Tunisian said they saw Erdogan as the leader of all Muslims who was leaving his trace everywhere he went.
Analysts and politicians say Ben Ali's former allies are still in positions of power and are working behind the scenes to save their friends, protect their interests and roll back the gains Tunisians have made since Ben Ali fled the country.
They said the visit provided an opportunity to exchange views, discuss practical steps to promote bilateral cooperation, add boost to UAE investments in Tunisia, view investment opportunities and achieve mutual understanding with Tunisians on steps to increase UAE's exports to Tunisian markets.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi urged Tunisians on Wednesday to return to work to prevent the economy collapsing after fears of growing lawlessness kept many people at home in recent days.
CAIRO: Fourteen Egyptian human rights groups condemned on Tuesday statements made by Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi regarding the Tunisian people's revolt against the government and the regime, describing ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali as the "best person who could rule Tunisia - and that the Tunisians [have experienced] an irreversible loss.
Egypt has 'followed the successive developments in Tunisia with great concern,' and asserts its trust in how the Tunisians will control the situation and avoid chaos, the ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement.