Tunga penetrans

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small tropical flea

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In both cases the histopathological examination revealed an oval structure immediately beneath the stratum corneum bordered by a thick capsule with multiple eggs and parasite exoskeleton fragments morphologically compatible with Tunga penetrans (Figs.
Tunga penetrans is one of the smallest fleas in the world, measuring about 1 mm in diameter (5).
Feldmeier, "The animal reservoir of Tunga penetrans in severely affected communities of north-east Brazil," Medical and Veterinary Entomology, vol.
During this time, a total of 1,151 people (occupying a representative sample of 50 randomly selected compounds) were interviewed using a pretested, locally approved questionnaire and clinically examined for the presence of Tunga penetrans.
Aportes al conocimiento de Tunga penetrans (Linne, 1758) (Siphonaptera): su bionomia, clinica, tratamiento y prevencion en la Republica Argentina.
Tungiasis is a cutaneous infestation caused by Tunga penetrans, a human flea.
Tunga penetrans is an invasive flea that lodges itself in the epidermis of mammals, producing a painful nodular lesion known as tungiasis.
The first species, Tunga penetrans, was described by Linnaeus in the 18th century (Pulex penetrans, Linnaeus 1758) (3), and a second Tunga species, which infects humans (T.
Off-host Pulex irritans, Tunga penetrans, Ctenocephalides felis strongylus, Echidnophaga gallinacea, and Xenopsylla brasiliensis were collected in the Ituri district of northeastern DRC from March through April 2007, during an investigation of a plague outbreak.
eanis (6.5%), Xenopsylla brasiliensis (3.4%), and Tunga penetrans (2.6%).
This ectoparasitosis is caused by the sand flea (Tunga penetrans, Siphonaptera: Tungidae, Tunginae), also called the jigger flea.