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To reach the target market, GSK launched a social media contest titled "Clutch Moments." The contest invited consumers to share on Facebook and Twitter instances when they needed Tums Freshers.
It's the carbonate in the Tums calcium combo that works to buffer stomach acid.
The purpose of the networking meeting is to bring together all of the chapter TUMs to share information about job openings, helpful recruiters, possible temporary assignments, and other matters.
- One speed rope, pounds 2, from Proactive Health (see bums and tums).
The 42-year-old singer first flaunted her tum back in the 80s, sparking a teeny trend for cropped tops.
New TUMS freshers, the biggest TUMS innovation in more than 80 years, works to provide a combination of fast heartburn relief and fresh breath.
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare North America has announced the availability of TUMS Freshers, which are said to provide fast heartburn relief and fresh breath.
FITNESS experts are challenging the "bums and tums" of Coventry.