cylinder lock

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a lock in which a cylinder rotates to move a bolt

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Users can opt for the industry-standard 'Figure' lock or the non-masterable 'Q' type disc tumbler lock.
This old lock design evolved into the modern pin tumbler lock.
Isleworth, United Kingdom, November 05, 2015 --( The new P5P and sister P5GP Giussani Pop-out T handles from FDB Panel Fittings offer enhanced security and safety over the traditional T configuration, while retaining the same convenience and integral key tumbler lock system.
A stainless steel tumbler lock locks the Life Jacket in place.
Isleworth, United Kingdom, December 13, 2015 --( The Giussani pop-out T handles from FDB Panel Fittings offer specialist panel builders the benefits of security with a traditional T style format now updated to meet modern security and safety concerns, also incorporating radial pin tumbler locks.
Procedures for picking all common varieties of pin, single sided disc tumbler, and double sided disc tumbler locks are described in plain language.
The lock remains protected against lock bumping, an attack technique using specially cut keys that can defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks, and can resist attacks from drilling.
This kind of technology eliminates the need to replace the entire unit and protects against lock bumping, an attack technique using special keys that can override conventional pin and tumbler locks. This product is particularly valuable to rental unit owners who change locks frequently.