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Synonyms for wapiti

large North American deer with large much-branched antlers in the male

common deer of temperate Europe and Asia

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By 1875, pronghorn were rare in the Central Valley, and tule elk were reduced to 145 animals by 1904 (Schoenherr 1992).
Also, different levels of survey experience for tule elk in Owens Valley were not related to sightability ([G.sub.3] = 5.7, P = 0.13).
"My young daughter will be able to see Tule elk in California because of the work we did.
The first green grass will sprout from the banks, and the first tule elk will creep down to the marshes, and the first shrimp egg will open back to life.
Right off the bat, our rules eliminate mountain sheep, Canada and Shiras moose, Canada caribou, muskoxen, mountain goats, big bears and California's Tule elk. On the bright side, this still leaves plenty of options, as in this little plan of mine I'll offer substitutes to make up the 29.
The new edition continues that trend with more than 5,000 new entries, including new world records for grizzly bear, non-typical American elk, tule elk, mountain caribou and musk ox (entered between 2004 and 2009).
2002: Population dynamics of Tule elk at Point Reyes National Seashore, California.--Journal of Wildlife Management 66: 478-490.
As deer populations increased, the Park Service recognized a need to cull the fallow and axis deer--consistent with its mandate to control exotic species "up to and including eradication." After all, these non-native species were eating the same shrubs, forbs, and leafy vegetation as the native black-tailed deer and tule elk, a species that had all but gone extinct until the Park Service reintroduced the elk to the area with great effort and expense in 1978.
McCullough (1969) reported harem sizes of 10-[greater than]20 in Tule elk (Cervus elaphus nannodes) in California.
By California standards, the region is underpopulated, and the gentle countryside is home to blacktail deer, turkey, quail, Tule elk and feral hogs, not to mention lots of mountain lions, coyotes, and the occasional black bear.
The next day, I left for Augusta to get ready for a Tule elk hunt near Salinas, California.
Early in the morning, you're likely to see tule elk nurturing their young.
Except for the Roosevelt's Elk of the coastal Pacific Northwest and the smaller Tule elk of California, North America's primary elk herds make their living today in the vast national forests, wilderness areas and national parks of the Rocky Mountain states and provinces where grassy meadows, big timber and mountain streams and lakes provide all they need to flourish.
Pierce Point Road, which can be reached from BearValley Road, ends at a range that is home to about 500 tule elk. The animals roamed freely on the island before 1860, and more recently, the park released about 25 free-ranging elk near Coast Camp.