Tuileries Palace

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palace and royal residence built for Catherine de Medicis in 1564 and burned down in 1871

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(2.) Cast of an aegicrane capital, from a 16th-century stone pilaster capital in the Tuileries Palace, Paris, 19th century, probably made at the Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs, plaster, ht 50.8cm.
He had at first drawn Napoleon normal size, for example in 'Exit Liberte a la Francois!' in 1799 just before Bonaparte became First Consul and moved into the Tuileries Palace in Paris.
At a subliminal level, therefore, the Commune is everywhere present in Walker's descriptions, just as many physical traces of the destruction wrought on the city seven years earlier were still in evidence, such as the ruined Tuileries Palace (which was kept out of sight behind a vast orchestra stand).
Late during the night of 20-21 June 1791, the royal family and several attendants boarded carriages waiting outside the Tuileries Palace to begin their escape.
To cries of "Long live the Emperor," he returned to the Tuileries Palace, which Louis XVIII had fled to take refuge in Belgium.
The central portions of the Tuileries palace were thus in place.
Rigney analyzes narrative events like the march of the women on Versailles (October 1789), the "massacre" of the "people" on the Champs de Mars (July 1791), or the invasion of the Tuileries Palace (August 1792).
And it was rebuilt in handsome style, to a design by Robert Hooke, with a facade modelled on the Tuileries Palace. The new landmark was much praised, almost too good for its residents.