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formal gardens next to the Louvre in Paris

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Semiquavers chase each other as children''s highpitched voices argue in the Tuileries gardens, the woodwind wobble along excitedly as a Ballet of Chicks in their Shells, and a witch''s hut dances on chicken''s legs in an explosive penultimate movement that proves Mussorgsky had no need to live by his first name.
Soon after the niceties of Sarkozy's opening speech, however, the deep rifts between policymakers and techies in attendance burst into view with few signs of how they would be resolved in the two-day forum in the Tuileries Gardens of Paris.
The location is great - within walking distance of the Louvre, Tuileries Gardens, the Champs-Elysees and some of the city's best shopping.
Hotel is located between Place Vendome and Tuileries Gardens.
He first flew his "toy" at Tuileries Gardens in Paris, France, on August 18, 1871.
In her native Paris her monumental sculptures have been on exhibit in the Courtyard at the Crillon Hotel, Place de la Concorde, The Tuileries Gardens, Place Saint-Sulpice in Saint Germain des Pres and The Trocadero.
I am Marie Charlotte Amelie Victoria Clementine, daughter of Louise Marie of Orleans, the saintly queen with the blue eyes and the Bourbon nose who died of consumption and of the sorrow caused by the exile and death of Louis Philippe, my grandfather who, as the King of France, showered me with chestnuts and covered my face with kisses in the Tuileries Gardens.
Next morning, we strolled down the Champs ElysAes, and then went through the Tuileries Gardens, towards the Louvre museum.
President Jacques Chirac, who has lobbied long and hard for what has been dubbed "CNN a la Francaise," hosted a lavish soiree for more than 1,000 invited guests in the Tuileries Gardens to celebrate.
And on May 17, 2006, four years behind schedule, the museum on the western edge of the Tuileries gardens reopened to the public.
Situated not far from the Tuileries gardens this good value restaurant serves enticing sushi and sashimi.
Stroll into the Tuileries gardens and through the arcades along the rue de Rivoli.
Another possible source for Rigand-Martin's interest was a famous chesnut tree in the: Tuileries gardens in Paris, monitored through the 19th century until its demise in 1911, and whence the term 'marronier', which has similar albeit not identical connotations in French as it does In English: oft-repeated, well-worn--yes, that old chestnut.