tug of war

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a vying with others for victory or supremacy

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Tug o' war used to be an Olympic sport and with the Olympics being held in London in 2012 there are hopes that it will be returned to the line-up of events.
PULLING POWER: Queen sees Blue Peter's Matt Baker, left, in tug o' war
You see, Fife's Gary Gillespie IS tug o' war in Scotland he does just about everything in the sport.
And having won every possible tug o' war trophy in the army he's determined to capture inter-national honours and become a legend in the sport.
Gillespie said: ''I was 22 years in the army and tug o' war is a big sport in the regiments.
It helps your strength and stamina but most of all tug o' war is about teamwork.
But in tug o' war every member of that eight-man team has to literally pull their weight.
In that sense, tug o' war is certainly different to a lot of team sports.
I can understand her concerns but I fell in love with tug o' war a long time ago and enjoy travelling around the world competing.
But the Tug O' War Association still lacks the funding to boost its popularity in Scotland.