Tudor architecture

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a style of English-Gothic architecture popular during the Tudor period

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You can't say it is like Georgian or Victorian or Tudor architecture.
Decorated mostly out of wood, the Rummer excels in the dingy stakes, has dank downstairs cellar toilets and is a true homage to mock Tudor architecture - and it's a great place to hang out if you're a fan of the rough-and-ready city pub.
DEPUTY chairman of Sotheby's, James Miller, explores the delights of Lincolnshire's Burghley House, one of the country's finest examples of Tudor architecture (which took 32 years to complete) and was created for Elizabeth I's Lord High Treasurer, the first Lord Burghley.
The queen herself was an avid "consumer" of the arts, no doubt reinforcing a climate of experimentation that was reflected in Tudor architecture, graphic arts, and drama.
The stately house, with its beautiful Tudor architecture, is now a thriving hotel with a luxurious pounds 2 million leisure complex.
But the proportion of Tudor architecture was not its strong point, and the proportions of the Nepalese temple proper (the pagoda-roofed type) compare favourably with the highest standard of proportion in Europe.
The first four chapters of this new history of Tudor architecture provide a building-by-building account, with excellent plans and surviving visual evidence, of the history of the royal houses from the Middle Ages through to Henry VIII.
The fabric of the buildings, in particular the Tudor architecture will be reinstated to the best of our understanding.
When he inherited the family fortune, the son Graham spent it in restoring Packwood, making it a marvellous 20th century evocation of domestic Tudor architecture.