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United States historian (1912-1989)

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Marcel Tuchman, in prison attire, working in the Siemens factory in Bobrek, near Auschwitz during the war.
On 17 January 1977, Jessica Tuchman of the National Security Council received a memo from National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski asking her to "start giving some thought to how we might inject, in a realistic fashion, greater concern for human rights into our foreign policy initiatives.
Speaking to a group of German, Polish and Austrian students at the Documentation Center of National Socialist Forced Labor in Berlin, Tuchman said he would not have survived had he not believed that "all the world would know about what was happening.
Thus, for the last several years, the EU has been attempting to create a pan-European rights situation like Tuchman describes, with a push for a "Digital Single Market," where all programming is bought and sold under the same regulations, a sort of one-size-fits-all approach.
Prior to creating Goviva, Tuchman founded TSE Sports and Entertainment, a full-service experiential company that he sold to private equity firm Pfingsten Partners in 2006.
Tuchman discovered the leadership lessons of the SUCCESS for Teens program through articles in SUCCESS magazine.
We continue to experience strong demand for Sundance Channel s distinctive programming and are confident Turkish audiences will respond enthusiastically to our award-winning, globally renowned entertainment, said Tuchman.
Tuchman, a 30-year investment banking veteran, and Adair, who has been with BMO for nearly 25 years, will concentrate on 'C'-suite and board-level relationships and focus on strategic dialogue.
Tuchman claims that the exhibition washalted because "so many people were injured," when in fact there were only a few minor injuries (16 out of 1,965 visitors, mostly splinters).
The late historian Barbara Tuchman was an accomplished writer, but her reputation rests more properly on her insights.
MALIBU CANYON - Shelley Tuchman traveled all the way from Israel to thank Grant Gerson for teaching her things about life that went well beyond hiking trails.
Science Has No Sex: The Life of Marie Zakrzewska, by Arleen Marcia Tuchman.
Famed historian Barbara Tuchman once described the 13th century as a "distant mirror," into which we could look and see staring back at us some truths about ourselves.
A comparison of the clinical findings in autism and Landau-Kleffner syndrome, a recognized seizure disorder, revealed similar histories of language skill regression, seizures, and behavioral abnormalities (Ballaban-Gil & Tuchman, 2000).