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Cervical lymphadenopathy is the most common manifestation of tuberculous lymphadenitis. Most frequently, a unilateral mass appears in the anterior or posterior cervical triangles; submandibular and supraclavicular lymph node involvement also occurs.
(9), 50% of tuberculous lymphadenitis and approximately 10% of reactive hyperplasia cases contributed to false positive outcomes based on VTIQ SWE.
Suture granuloma is not commonly seen in the respiratory clinic and can be misdiagnosed as tuberculous lymphadenitis. This case highlights the importance of considering suture granuloma as a differential diagnosis in post thyroidectomy patients who present with a lump in the neck.
In the case with primary breast cancer, axillary tuberculous lymphadenitis was reported at the time of diagnosis (7).
Pattern of tuberculous lymphadenitis: the Isra University Hospital experience.
reporting tuberculous lymphadenitis as the most common entity among EPTB.2,12,19 On the other hand, 7 positive cases detected by LJ culture and negative on GeneXpert consisted of atypical mycobacteria confirmed by rate of growth, properties of pigment production and biochemical reactions.
Brawn et al., "A forgotten old disease: mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis in children," European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, vol.
Our study confirmed the effectiveness of pathological excision biopsy of intact cervical lymph nodes rather than fine-needle aspiration for tuberculous lymphadenitis and abscess.
The aim of this study was to find out the clinical characteristics of involved cervical lymph nodes, demographic characteristics of the patients and response to treatment of Cervical Tuberculous Lymphadenitis (CTL) cases.
Identification of the causative organism of tuberculous lymphadenitis in Ethiopia by PCR.
[2] The most common presentation of tuberculous lymphadenitis is neck swelling, followed by fever, cold abscess, nonhealing ulcer, discharging sinus, and weight loss.
According to these clinical and pathological findings, the most common granulomatous diseases are mycobacterial diseases such as tuberculosis, hence why the diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis was highly suspected, and the patient was given anti-TB drugs.
(7,8) On the other hand, a leprosy patient with painful swelling over the upper arm was misdiagnosed as tuberculous lymphadenitis and neuroma.
Mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis with anthracosis as a cause of vocal cord paralysis.
FNAC of the left-sided swelling was done elsewhere 6 months back and was diagnosed as tuberculous lymphadenitis with presence of AFB in the FNAC tissue.