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a sterile liquid containing a purified protein derivative of the tuberculosis bacterium

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Studied drugs were administered subcutaneously on depilated parts of the skin at a dose of 0.0005 mg, 0.001 mg, and 0.002 mg in 0.1 cm3 of physiological saline to determine the tuberculin units of sensitins.
All but one study [4] used two tuberculin units of PPD RT 23 (Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark) for conduction of the tuberculin skin test.
Mantoux test with 5 tuberculin units was positive with an induration of 14 mm.
Study participants were injected with 0.1 mL (5 tuberculin units [TU]) of Tubersol[R] (Connaught Laboratories, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada) using the Mantoux method (4) immediately after the blood samples for the QFT-G were drawn by the phlebotomists.
The only TB test now recommended is the intradermal injection of 5 tuberculin units of purified protein derivative from Mycobacterium tuberculosis administered by the Mantoux technique.
It is done by injecting 0.1 ml of purified protein derivative (PPD) tuberculin containing 5 tuberculin units intradermally into the forearm to produce a wheal 6 mm to 10 mm in diameter.
0.1 mL of 5 tuberculin units of PPD is injected intradermally on the volar aspect of the forearm, which should raise a weal.
Testing was performed using five tuberculin units of purified protein derivative (PPD) tuberculin by the Mantoux method; results were read by trained staff 48-72 hours later.