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a member of a nomadic Berber people of the Sahara

the dialect of Berber spoken by the Tuareg

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The observation is that the dream is nowhere to be found--at least at first glance--as a theme in Tuareg oral sources and poetic tradition, even though its presence is widespread as a topos in African literary tradition as a whole (Constant 2008).
Reinforced by the return of former mercenaries of Mu'ammar Gadhafi with heavy weapons and ammunition from Libyan stores, leaders of the different Tuareg factions formed the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MLNA) in October 2011.
She was covering the Cure Salee, or Festival of the Nomads, an annual gathering of the Tuareg and Wodaabe peoples in the northern Niger town of Ingall.
15 between militia members and the main Tuareg separatist group.
The Toubou -- in the southeast -- faced nationwide discrimination under Muammar Ghaddafi and fought in the uprising in 2011, while the Tuareg -- in the southwest -- supported Ghaddafi .
As the American drummer Corey Wilhelm rattled away, the three guitarists belted out lyrics in Tamasheq (the Tuareg language).
Tuareg writer Ibrahim al-Koni is considered one of the most prominent and prolific writers in Arabic today.
This article focuses on two groups--the Tubu and Tuareg ethnic minorities--in order to highlight some of the key dynamics shaping stability in the region.
Summary: Tuareg Marketing is now looking to expand to eastern and southern states as well as neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal.
Conflict in Mali has been on the rise since the Tuareg, a minority sect in north Mali, staged a rebellion in 2012 aimed at gaining independence for northern Mali, known as Azawad.
Armed groups including the M and the Tuareg separatist National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad humiliated the army in a deadly offensive across the northern desert two weeks ago.
The organisation considers that this is the least of the price which President Francois Hollande and his people will pay for their new crusade against the Muslims of Azawad [the name given by the Tuareg people to northern Mali]," the al-Qaida franchise, run by Abdlekarim al-Targui, said in a statement.
Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon were on their way to interview a spokesman for the Tuareg rebel group the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) in the rebel stronghold of Kidal when they were abducted outside his home, RFI said.
Here, the National Liberation Movement of Azawad (MNLA--Mouvement National pour la Liberation de l'Azawad) had been joined by former Libyan soldiers or militia of Tuareg origin after Gaddafi's defeat and the leader's death in August 2011.
An African military source from the United Nations' MINUSMA peacekeeping mission confirmed the attack, the first suicide bombing in the mainly Tuareg and Arab northern fabled caravan town since March.