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a group of about 80 coral islands in French Polynesia

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Statistics from 2013 showed that this industry had developed on 25 islands and atolls, covering nearly 7,800 ha of maritime surface area, with 517 recorded pearl farms located in three archipelagos: Tuamotu (398 farms), Gambier (79 farms), and Society (40 farms) (Talvard 2015).
Tupa'ia drew a chart of islands that he knew, and the name Oremaroa appears on this chart, apparently somewhere in the Tuamotus.
Beyond Tahiti the track crossed the Tuamotu archipelago of French Polynesia--thousands of tiny coral atolls, of which very few are inhabited, and even fewer have airstrips that make them accessible to visitors.
This model predicts that Marquesan settlement will lag behind that of the Cooks, the Societies, and possibly the Tuamotus, assuming the latter were sufficiently elevated and stable.
1) Earlier, in 1595, the Spanish captain Mendana had a violent encounter with some Marquisans, while Quiros, also Spanish, 'discovered' the Tuamotus, the northern Cook Islands and Tikopia in 1605.
SOUTH PACIFIC: Paul Gauguin Cruises (020 7434 0089) offers 14-night voyage on Paul Gauguin (332 guests) ex-Papeete Mar 13 to Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands from pounds 2,153, incl accom in ocean-view stateroom, with all meals, drinks, gratuities.
Once considered luminous dewdrops from the night sky, black pearls are among the South Seas' treasures, found only in the Tuamotus and Gambier Islands.
Also, the scientists say, the Tuamotus and the nearby Society Islands "could be approached from all quarters and were thus probably important in Polynesian trade.
The late Polynesian archaeologist Kenneth Emory found the artifacts on nine coral atolls in the Tuamotus between 1929 and 1934.
By the mid-nineteenth century, France controlled the Society Islands (including Tahiti), the Australs, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas, and the Gambier Islands.
Following her refit, the ship will offer a selection of 24 seven-night Society Islands itineraries, plus an expanded lineup of nine-, 10-, 11-, and 14-night sailings reaching the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Australs, and Cook islands.
While black pearls were noticed by European explorers as early as 1722, when Roggewein passed through the Tuamotus, they were not cultivated until 1968, when a French veterinarian by the name of Dr.
11 nights room-only in Tahiti and surrounding islands - three nights Beachcomber InterContinental Tahiti, three nights on Huahine and three nights in Tuamotus islands - starts at pounds 2,141per person (two sharing) roomonly,April-June 2004.
In 1963, an experimental farm was established on Hikuem atoll in the Tuamotus.