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a member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South Africa

the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Tswana in Botswana

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Rewe et al [12] reported that Sanga cattle (Bos taurus Africanus) breeds such as Nguni, Tuli, Barotse, Tswana, Tonga, and Mashona are the dominant indigenous beef cattle breeds found in Southern Africa.
Carcass traits of the naked-neck, dwarf and normal strains of indigenous Tswana chickens under an intensive management system.
The 1,109-carat diamond has been named "Lesedi La Rona," which means "Our Light" in Botswana's majority Tswana language.
Boemo, a young Botswanan, explains that "Motswana" means citizen of Bostwana, but the term actually only refers to people of the Tswana ethnic group.
Yet, youths of different generations have demonstrated an ability to influence culture change, and thus, the next two sections provide some useful information in this regard, with a focus on the anthropology of youth agency showing syncretism from different perspectives such as the activism of Lapiro de Banga, a popular musician in Cameroun who spent three years in jail for his role in anti-government protests, the popular music among youths in Algeria, the Hip Hop in Kenya, the Ikageng Group Music among the Tswana of South Africa, and the evolution of Zouglou music among the youths of Cote d'Ivoire.
The gem, whose name translates as "Our Light" in Botswana's Tswana language, is believed to be between 2.
The tsessebe (Damaliscus lunatus), whose common name is derived from the Tswana "tshesebe ", is most closely related to the topi and the bontebok, which are classified in the same genus.
Most agree that a broad governing coalition, elite cohesion, shared interests in livestock and Tswana traditional institutions supported the development of the postcolonial state.
Dicen ellos que los Tswana de Surafrica consideran el voto en si poco importante y "solo valdria si hubiera la necesidad de deponer a un soberano que consistentemente dejara de observar las pautas del buen gobierno; la fuente de legitimidad era, en ultima instancia, el desempeno comprobado publicamente y no el cubiculo de votacion" (2012, p.
Adogla-Bessa and Aganga (2000) also reported a lower free water intake of Tswana goats deprived of water for 48 and 72 hours as compared to goats watered after every 24 hours.
In Sotho and Tswana tradition, [alpha] and [beta] Crucis, together with the Pointers, made up Dithutlwa, the four giraffes.
The megagolwane is an integral part of everyday Tswana tradition and are gifted to a person at important stages of their Tswana life, for example the birth of a person, marriage, initiation and even death.
They perform original material, cover songs and traditional African music from Zulu, Tswana and Xhosa cultures.
The five-piece from the Johannesburg township sing a unique blend of R'n'B, gospel, pop and jazz along with traditional Zulu, Tswana, Swahili and Xhosa music.
Par exemple, elle montre comment les Tswana d'Afrique du Sud etudies par les Comaroff ont transforme les idees et les pratiques introduites par les colonisateurs.