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a naval battle in the Russo-Japanese War (1905)

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The statement added that the Sea of Japan does not belong to Japan, and the Tsushima Strait is not part of any country's territorial waters, so any nation has the freedom to sail or fly through them.
Tokyo [Japan], July 16 ( ANI ): Two Chinese coastguard ships entered Japanese waters on Saturday and sailed for more than one hour near Okinoshima Island and Tsushima Island off the southwestern main island of Kyushu.
During the growing season rice pathogens exist on the phylloplane of rice plants, stored seeds at room temperature in winter, weeds in the field, previous rice crop tissues buried in the soil, improper cultivation of soil and climate change (Sogou and Tsuzaki, 1983; Matsuda and Sato 1987; Tsushima et al.
A prototype of the enormous plastic-harvesting floating barrier will be deployed in waters near the Japanese island of Tsushima in early 2016.
If the study is a success, the southern island of Tsushima could be the venue for a pilot scheme that would pluck tons of plastic waste from the sea - all without harming marine life.
We couldn't part-time this," Assistant Superintendent Carol Tsushima says.
by Mariko Hori Tanaka, Yoshiki Tajiri, and Michiko Tsushima.
The two brothers were accused of being the main culprits of the thefts from a temple and a shrine on the Japanese island of Tsushima situated halfway between the two countries.
4) Subsequently several other copies reached Japan in whole or in part, and between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, when Japan was disintegrating into a collection of independent baronies, an extraordinary number of requests were made to the Korean court for copies of the second Korean canon by various daimyo, particularly the Ouchi daimyo of southwestern Japan and the SO daimyo of Tsushima, an island domain lying between Japan and Korea.
Tsushima Airport in northern Kyushu also saw heavy rain with 52.
adults with markedly short wings appeared in the 2nd generation of a laboratory strain originally established from adult females collected on Tsushima island, Nagasaki, Japan.
Today we set traps with pieces of bread and sweet potatoes, the food we usually give them," zoo spokeswoman Eri Tsushima said.
Speaking on the occasion, Japan's Parliamentary Vice- Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyoichi Tsushima thanked Qatar for its help during the devastating Tsunami and earthquake that shook the East Asian nation last year and said that Japan's relationship with Qatar had further strengthened in the recent times.
Robert Hellyer adds his voice to this body of scholarship by examining in detail the relationship between Edo "Japan" and the outlying areas of Tsushima, Ryukyu, and Ezo, especially as those areas routinely facilitated contacts with Asians as well as Europeans.
According to the report, Namie town officials led residents north to stay in a district called Tsushima, believing winds would be blowing south the day after the March 11 tsunami disaster, although the winds in fact had been blowing directly toward Tsushima as shown by SPEEDI.