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a naval battle in the Russo-Japanese War (1905)

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And the money saved on recruiting and advertising for new teachers eventually covered the cost of the new position, Tsushima says.
6) The Annals of the Choson Dynasty reveal that requests were being made for such works: in 1464 a mission from the SO daimyo of Tsushima to the Korean court received copies of the Analects and San ti shi, an anthology of Tang poetry, and another mission in 1467 received copies of the Four Books and Five Classics; just two years later an envoy asked why Japanese missions were given nothing more than the Analects and Mencius, and in 1501 Hochu Dotoku, pretending to be on a mission for the "king" of Japan, received a volume of the poetry of Su Shi, the Blue Cliff Record (Biyan lu), and other items.
We also want to highlight our role in Dubai's Metro project," Tsushima said.
Tsushima proved another liminal area that had an ambiguous relationship with Edo.
The winds, in fact, had been blowing directly toward Tsushima - and town officials would learn two months later that a government computer system designed to predict the spread of radioactive releases had been showing just that, the New York Times reports.
Tsushima reported no relevant conflicts of interest.
But in the town of Namie Tsushima, which is outside the 30 kilometer area or outside the mandatory evacuation zone, it happened.
The Japanese Foreign Ministry has found that about 1 million pieces of Japanese historical documents, including 28,000 volumes of diplomatic records between the Tsushima clan of the Japanese border island and the Joseon Dynasty, are kept at five locations in South Korea.
TO) (OTCBB: SKLKY) has invited Yuji Tsushima, an ex-government minister, and Toyoo Gyohten, a former high-ranking bureaucrat to serve as advisers, according to the Nikkei.
TOKYO - Shinginko Tokyo, a struggling bank owned primarily by the Tokyo metropolitan government, said Monday it will appoint former Shinsei Bank board member Hirotaka Terai, who joined the lender as an adviser in April, as new president to replace Ryuichi Tsushima.
The Mammoth Book of Modern Battles: 42 Gripping Accounts of Battles Including Tsushima, the Somme, Stalingrad, Dien Bein Phu, Desert Storm, Basra, and Many More" is an anthology of accounts of some of the biggest and most vital battles in modern military history, from World War I to today's modern Iraq War.
ORC operates two Bombardier Q200 aircraft, with 39 seats, on services linking Nagasaki City with the outlying islands of Iki, Fukue and Tsushima in Nagasaki Prefecture, as well as to the southern mainland cities of Miyazaki and Kagoshima.
This may explain why some politicians within the Tsushima faction have begun to suggest that he could be well-suited for more important and powerful positions within the party and government in the years ahead.
IN August 2005, Japanese fisherman in the Tsushima Strait were astounded to find their nets had caught an enormous amount of Nomura's Jellyfish, whose tentacles contained enough venom to kill the entire boat of men.