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a Bantu language spoken in southeastern Congo


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Fagunwa, who constantly wrote in Yoruba, Thomas Mofolo who wrote his novel Shaka in Sesotho in 1925 and would be translated into English in 1981, Enoch Guma's novel in Xhosa, U-Nomalizo, published in 1918 and translated into English in 1928 and a collection of folktales under the French title L 'elephant qui marche sur des oeufs though originally written in Tshiluba in 1931 by a Congolose high school learner, Badibanga Thadee, most early writers thought writing in the vernacular was going to limit their audiences.
The configuration of their movement appears like an ethno-regional coalition of Congolese immigrants, speaking Lingala, Tshiluba, and Kikongo, against their eastern compatriots mostly the Swahili speakers.
Talking in Tshiluba in public was also interpreted as a sign that Kasaians do not try to integrate themselves into Katangese society; this is one of the main stereotypes of Kasaians.
Priority languages Include: Acholi Amharic Arabic (Sudanese) Chaldean Creole Dari Eastern Kaya Ewe Falam (Chin) Fur Gan Haka (Chin) Ikbo Kachin Kakwa Khmer Kikuyu Kingoni Kono Kpelle Krio Kurdish (Sorani) Lao Liberian Pidgin Loko Luo Madi Maru Mende Mina Nepali Nuer Oromo Sinhalese Siym Sukuma Tamil Temne Tidim (Chin) Tshiluba Twi Ulghur Yalunka Zande Zomi (Chin) Bari Burmese Dinka Dzhongka Fanti Fula Hazaragi Hmong Kannadai Karen Kinyarwanda Kirundi Kuku Kurdish (Kurmanji) Lingala Lisu Mandingo Mara (Chin) Mizo (Chin) Moru Pojulu Rohingya Susu Swahili Tigre Tigrinya Uzbek Watchi Zonot (Chin)
4 79 Banda Centroafricana Baya Sango Frances Republica Democratica 66 216 Suajili del Congo (16) Lingala Tshiluba Kikongo Ngbaka Songe Nande Frances Ruanda (17) 10 3 Kiniaruanda Frances Ingles Santo Tome y Principe 0.
Phoebe, a name of obvious Greek origin that is relatively common in English, is nearly homophonous to the Gullah female name Fiba which Turner found in multiple West African languages: Tshiluba fiba "to suckle"; Kongo fiba "to make a sucking noise"; Yoruba fiba "to touch"; Ewe Afiba "the name given a girl born on Friday.
National languages--Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo, Tshiluba.
De la lengua tshiluba o luba-lulua--de la familia bantu, a la que tambien pertenece el swahili, una lengua africana--, hablada por seis millones de personas en el sureste de la Republica Democratica del Congo.
To help prepare a new generation of children for life in our increasingly global and interdependent world, Sesame Workshop and the Merrill Lynch Foundation formed a partnership to create Panwapa (a word from the Tshiluba language that means "here on this earth"), an international, multi-media project aimed at fostering the foundation for global citizenship skills and community activism in young children.
Hundreds of languages are also spoken in Congo, with French, Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo, and Tshiluba being the official languages.