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art consisting of a painting or carving (especially an altarpiece) on three panels (usually hinged together)

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Tryptych straight through is a challenging experience.
In his discussion of some of Ruskin's and Pater's comments on Fra Angelico, Daley opens his text to Ruskin's description at the end of Modern Painters II "of the angel choirs that dance along the frame of the [Linaiuoli] Tryptych, 'with the flames on their white foreheads waving brighter as they move, and the sparkles streaming from their purple wings like the glitter of many suns upon a sounding sea.' (4: 332)." (73) He adds: "Ruskin believed Angelico unequaled in rendering the gesture and movement of spiritual creatures.
IT may not be a "tryptych tableau" of A-list celebrities but here's a roll call of the real Ivy's finest...
Beckmann died in 1950 in New York City, the day after completing another one of his major works, The Argonauts, a serene tryptych, suffused with the legend of Jason and his search for the Golden Fleece, a paradigm of Beckmann's own search for artistic perfection.
Telefilm Canada approved funding for five independent Manitoba features: Kim Todd of Original Pictures will co-produce a film adaptation of Brad Fraser's play Poor Superman with Fraser directing; Carol Shields's The Republic of Love will be directed by Deepa Mehta (Earth, Fire), a Bruce Duggan project in co-production with Tryptych Mediaof Toronto; Jeff Erbach's (Under Chad Valley) feature debut, The Nature of Nicholas (which explores childhood sexuality), will be shot in the summer of 2001; Sean Garrity and Brendon Sawatzky's anti-romantic comedy love triangle called Inertia; and finally, Buffalo Gal Pictures will co-produce Max and the Lioness, to be directed by Rodrigue Jean (Full Blast).
TrypTych Concert and Opera mounted the world premiere of a new Canadian opera, Frankenstein, on Jan.
On March 10, 2004, TrypTych Productions presented the Canadian premiere of Russian composer Grigori Frid's opera, The Diary of Anne Frank.