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Synonyms for troy

a system of weights used for precious metals and gemstones

an ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War

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"To find one's America" was to strike it rich: trovare l'America throughout much of Italy, catar la Merica in Trentino, truva ra merica in Voghera, or the Sicilian variant attruvari america.
Earlier this year I toured the Cannakale Peninsula, the area around ancient Troy--which is known as 'Truva'.
Ocak sayisinda Atomic Kitten adli grubun uyelerinden Lil, Subat sayisinda Kanadali sarkici Nelly Furtado, Mart sayisinda Amerikali sarkici Pink, Nisan sayisinda Britney Spears, Mayis sayisinda Yuzuklerin Efendisi ve Truva filmleri ile un kazanan oyuncu Orlando Bloom ve Haziran sayisinin kapaginda Brad Pitt yer almaktadir.
For PS10, children get a meal provided by Truva Riverside Cafe, with a choice of chicken goujons and chips or sausages and chips, with a sweet treat.
Thatcher'in ezeli rakibi Mitterand'in gozunden ise Euro, federasyonu reddeden Avrupa savunuculari icin ulusal parlamentolarindan Bruksel>deki federal kurumlara siyasi yetki devrini yapacak bir Truva ati.
(...)Ne Iyon, Truva, Bizans, Selcuk medeniyetleri bizim yabancimizdir, ne de Osmanli medeniyeti Cumhuriyet Turkiye'sinin yabancisidir.
TRUVA International Transportation and Logistics provides worldwide multimodal transportation, logistics, stevedoring and port services, procurement, scrap removal, total supply chain management solutions, customs, and relocation and storage support in the Middle East Europe, Africa, and all Stans and have pioneered moves into and out of Iraq and Afghanistan via NDN and E2A for global military and commercial customers.