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a bridge supported by trusses

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After over 90 years of service, the existing historic steel truss bridge that carries Old Town Road over the Ammonoosuc River in the North Country town of Carroll will be replaced with a new truss.
Though it was a truss bridge that collapsed in Minnesota last summer, the Springfield bridges are not considered at risk.
A truss bridge uses triangle supports that make it very strong, so it needs less piers.
Although many truss bridges incorporate sway bracing, which looks like a jumble of criss-crossing steel elements, we were able to create a more attractive design by eliminating sway bracing and providing rigid floor beams, diagonal connections, and a stiff upper and lower bracing system," McCabe related.
TRC (NYSE: TRR) announced today that it has been selected by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to inspect two major truss bridges under the Company's current VDOT Region II Bridge Safety Inspection contract.
4-billion Bridge Construction and Acceleration Project for Socioeconomic Development, under which five 'iconic' bridges as well as 25 truss bridges will be built by the Department of Public Works and Highways.
The work intended for the railway comprises rehabilitating and improvement of 5 structurally insufficient railroad truss bridges, changing one failed culvert and installing new passive safety improvements on public at-grade crossings along the 65-mile rail line on Natchez Railway-owned property.
With the exception of a some brief essays discussing the role of bridges in American transportation, types of bridge design, and the need for bridge preservation programs, the vast bulk of the material consists of 919 captioned illustrations (primarily black and white photographs) depicting beam bridges, arch bridges, truss bridges, movable bridges, and suspension and cable- stayed bridges around the country.
But a hands-on inspection of Oregon's 47 steel deck truss bridges prudently ordered by Gov.
Truss Bridges -- Rigid triangular-shaped trusses add strength to all types of bridges.
PDM Bridge fabricates steel for complex bridge structures including bascule bridges, vertical lift bridges, tied arch bridges and truss bridges.
The work proposed for the railway includes rehabilitatation and upgrading of five structurally inadequate railroad truss bridges, replacing one failed culvert and installing new passive safety upgrades on public at-grade crossings along the 65-mile rail line on Natchez Railway-owned property.
Buck said she knows of only eight lenticular truss bridges in Massachusetts and is not sure how many of those are being used for motor vehicle traffic.
Truss bridges are made of many metal components linked together in triangles that transfer the load of the bridge among the pieces, requiring less massive construction to carry the load.