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President Truman's policy of providing economic and military aid to any country threatened by communism or totalitarian ideology

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Further insight into Acheson's role in moving forward Truman's policy on Jewish displaced persons into real-time actions is gained through Acheson's own clarifying words: "I detected no inclination of Secretary Byrnes to project himself into this issue [the Palestine policy], but rather a tendency to leave supervision of the Department's work on it more and more to me.
Unlike the Monroe Doctrine and its Roosevelt Corollary, which focused on the Western Hemisphere, Truman's policy was global in scope.
Harry Truman's policy, the same stoicism prevailed.
Then the matter will have to be worked out diplomatically with the British and the Arabs, so that if a state can be set up there they may be able to set it up on a peaceful basis." (38) Truman's policy of granting the Jewish settlers admission to the country first and then entering into negotiations on statehood failed to openly address Arab concerns.
MacArthur had opposed Truman's policy of limited war, saying that it amounted to "surrender." Truman had made the decision to seek peace in Korea through its partition at the 38th parallel rather than to engage China in a wider war, which he feared would involve the Soviet Union and atomic weapons.
He had criticized Truman's policy toward Formosa (Nationalist China, now Taiwan) in a well-publicized letter to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in August 1950.
Though averse to anti-Communist demagogy on the home front, she enthusiastically supported the broader parameters of the Democratic administration's global strategy to contain Communism--and would champion Truman's policy in Korea.
Although Truman's policy vacillated, communism's victory in China necessitated containment in Southeast Asia.