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But Truman's Fair Deal still exerted enormous influence later on, in both President John Kennedy's New Frontier and President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society.
Strongly influenced by New Left thinking, the revisionists claimed that, far from being too radical, Truman's Fair Deal hadn't been radical enough.
In spite of its initial reputation for liberalism, however, the Institution subsequently served as a center of scholarly opposition to both Roosevelt's New Deal and Truman's Fair Deal. While concentrating on the Brookings Institution's role in these specific controversies, Critchlow develops three general themes: the complex and multidimensional relationship between the Brookings Institution and the corporate interests that financed the Institution's operations; the crucial role played by individuals in shaping the research institute's policies and character (thus the book's focus on Robert S.
Warming up with a nostalgic rendering of the "Golden Age" of national liberalism extending from FDR's New Deal, through Truman's Fair Deal, to LBJ's Great Society (but not including his War on Poverty), he charges the postwar left with threatening this tradition by being soft on the Soviets.