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The "Steel Interstate" plan, which costs much less than the proposed truckway, envisions a modernized high-speed railway carrying the bulk of freight through the corridor.
The STAR consortium (led by Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root) took advantage of Virginia's law and submitted its unsolicited truckway proposal to VDOT in 2002 with the aid of consultant Jim Atwell, the former assistant commissioner of VDOT (who helped draft the PPTA law back in 1995).
Proponents of "toll truckways," such as the influential libertarian Reason Foundation think tank, believe they are the wave of the future and the answer to the nation's transportation needs.
There are three other entrances to the port that predate the truckway. Two are closed at night, and one is open around the clock.
Next month, the port opens its new cargo container terminal at the checkpoint at the end of the truckway. Equipped with high-tech devices and systems, the new terminal is designed to increase efficiency and security at the same time.