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radicals who support Trotsky's theory that socialism must be established throughout the world by continuing revolution

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On July 2, La Protesta, the newspaper of the Trotskyite Alternativa Revolucionaria del Pueblo (ARP), related what happened at the conclave to create the PT.
Other groups such as the Socialist Alliance and Respect have Trotskyite components, possibly the result of infiltration ("entryism).
The SPLC sees no enemies on the left; it does not warn law-enforcement officers of dangers from the many Maoist, Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, Trotskyite, Castroite, or Islamic jihadist terrorist suspects and their support and affinity groups operating within the United States.
But Eliot was not impressed, saying Orwell's view "which I take to be generally Trotskyite, is not convincing.
The other widely admired politician this odd spring is a Trotskyite (yes, they still exist in France) postman who has become the leader of the radical left.
New Iraq has the distinction of being the only country in the region that allows all parties - from monarchist to Trotskyite - to operate freely and enjoy a share of power.
A left wing group with its own Trotskyite political agenda, on the end, a small group of parents who can't accept Turkish Cypriots studying at the school and in the middle, a silent majority.
After writing biographies of two prominent Southern family members--both products of small towns, both political and social conservatives, both conventional academics--Mark also examined the life and works of a prominent member of the Jewish family--a product of the seamier side of Newark and New York City, a fierce Trotskyite, and a high-profile rattler of academic cages.
Socialism was popular in the 1930s, so they took up the banner of Trotskyite anti-Stalinism.
For another thirty years he hung around the Left, particularly Trotskyite groups, and was present as an old, old man even in the anti-Vietnam war movement of the 1970s.
To Vice President Cheney, Bill Kristol, and their cell of "neo- conservatives," for turning the Republicans into a Trotskyite party -- just what Americans have always wanted.
Believe it or not, the best self-styled progressive circles are still justifying the Bomb--amongst the successful writers of the country, was, I suppose, Jim Farrell, whose voice, unfortunately, was a little muffled by his head being stuck in one of the many Trotskyite tar barrels.
On the other hand, increasingly restive voters on the left were offered a great variety of choice in the first round, with no less than three Trotskyite candidates, a bunch of Greens, and so forth.
It is one thing for a 1980s Trotskyite council to deprive the libraries of funding,quiteanother for a supposedly cultured one to rob its people of the possibilities wide reading affords,and what is more to pay a small fortune to do so.
On April 6, he notes that the Trotskyite paper The Militant offered a favorable review of Black Boy.