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radicals who support Trotsky's theory that socialism must be established throughout the world by continuing revolution

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In 1940, 40 percent of the membership split to form a rival Trotskyist organization--the Workers' Party (WP).
In the first instance, this meant the Trotskyist group Revolutionaere Socialister (Revolutionary Socialists or RS) which represented a Danish section of the Fourth International and which with a so-called 'entrist' purpose worked within SF.
Trotskyist groups like the Socialist Party of England (formerly known as Militant Tendency) are succeeding in infiltrating the Labour Party through Momentum.
Vice President Garcia Linera, who also made the trip to New York, took it upon himself to respond to the Trotskyist critics, making use of his solid ideological training and polished skills as a polemicist to blast "the poor decaffeinated left here and in other countries in the region that gets its information from the History Channel and criticizes us without any theoretical foundation.
Miliband's weird plan to open up the Labour Party with a new and much cheaper EeAu3 (Dh17) membership-drive has allowed blatant entryism from far left groups like the Trotskyist Militant who would love to use the leadership election to vote in Corbyn and wreck Labour by splitting the party in revenge for Neil Kinnock's determined work in driving them out in the 1980s and 1990s.
Over the course of 1926-28, the factories and industries that experienced the worst of the rationalization campaign became primary flashpoints of real and imagined Trotskyist opposition in Belorussia.
Trotskyist and anarchist organisations are included in this category, as is the intellectually and culturally innovative post-Trotskyist group Socialisme ou Barbarie.
The link in this seemingly seamless web of political evolution is the militant minority, in which Isitt lumps social democrats in the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation/NDP tradition; communists in the Labor-Progressive Party and the Communist Party of Canada; and Trotskyist and Maoist groupings.
These men, the reformist scholar Phan Chau Trinh (1872-1926) and the Trotskyist revolutionary Ngo Van (1912-2005), had similar objectives--a newly configured Vietnam--but rather different visions of how to achieve this goal.
To this end, Marot considers the original Agrarian Question and Lenin's revaluation of workers' self-activity, the Trotskyist Left Opposition's complicity in the rise of Stalinism, political leadership and working-class agency, the political and philosophical views of Alexander Bogdanov, and Lenin's commentary on "vulgar materialism" and "vulgar idealism" in Materialism and Empiriocriticism.
He famously traded insults with George Galloway who described him as "a drink-soaked for mer Trotskyist popinjay".
An example of Trotskyist "entryism" in New Zealand within the communist movement itself was the takeover of the formerly Maoist-Stalinist Communist Party of New Zealand by Trotskyists and its absorption into the Socialist Workers Organisation.
Much like today, when a Trotskyist loses faith in the words of the 'messiah', a political home in the mainstream Left is not an option.
And though I once denounced Hitchens as a bloated, drinksoaked former Trotskyist popinjay, I am religiously precluded from wishing him a premature death.
He added: "It's quite amazing isn't it, from a Trotskyist to a Tory - how is it possible someone can go full circle like that?