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the form of communism advocated by Leon Trotsky

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23) "The 'French Turn' in New Zealand: Trotskyism and the New Labour Party", 1917, No.
In the 1920s, he was a Soviet-style Communist; in 1929 he cofounded American Trotskyism as a close associate of Leon Trotsky; in 1940 he founded the post-Trotsky is t Independent Socialist League, which espoused what Shachtman called "Third Camp" revolutionary socialism; in the 1950s his theory of "democratic Marxism" provided the ideological scaffolding for democratic socialists who considered themselves too "hard" to be Norman Thomas Socialists; in the 1960s he moved to the right, joined the Socialist Party, and cozied up to the leadership of the AFL-CIO; subsequently he was revered by neoconservatives as a champion of militantly anticommunist trade unionism.
26) Another active spot where colonial subjects met for trenchant discussions on communism, Trotskyism and anti-imperialism was the London apartment of the West Indian communist George Padmore.
The new waves of political extremism-- revolutionary Trotskyism, French, Italian and Dutch far-right parties, anti-globalization movements, etc--were taken by the researchers of this third generation as case studies for their ongoing theoretical works.
If anything, it carried the whiff of the old internationalist Trotskyism that Irving Kristol and his friends had favored .
For although Macdonald was invariably a left-wing anti-capitalist whose political stands jumped from Trotskyism to anarcho-pacifism to quietism to liberal anti-Communism to born-again New Left radicalism, he was fundamentally a cultural conservative and a vocal defender of high cultural standards.
Trotskyism is the theory of Marxism named after Leon Trotsky, who strongly supported an international socialist revolution and asserted that socialism could only come into being on a global scale.
Palmer maintains that because of Cannon's excommunication from the party, following his conversion to Trotskyism, he has been written out of the history of the revolutionary Left in America.
Even when the toy-town Trotskyism became an embarrassment and Darling became a Bennite, he still strongly believed in that.
It assimilates and bases itself upon all of humanity's progressive social experiences, which lead to the expropriation of the capitalist class and to the ultimate abolition of classes" (Encyclopedia of Trotskyism Online).
The book opens with a sparkling chapter entitled "Jewish Internationalists," which shows how individuals associated with the Menorah Journal during the 1920s moved to communism and, then, Trotskyism during the 1930s.
He became increasingly hostile towards his doctors and, in 1938, Pletnov was accused of Trotskyism and convicted to 15 years in custody, but disappeared from jail in 1941.
By the mid-1940s, when Lipset launched his doctoral studies, he had abandoned Trotskyism.
Naturally, one is grateful towards any support one receives, but I simply do not see the relevance or connection between the Palestinian struggle and the concerns of anarchism or Trotskyism.
The finance minister belonged to an ultra dogmatic Trotskyite faction and came to bourgeois politics with the same frame of mind, replacing Trotskyism with the Washington consensus.