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Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the army

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Ramon Mercader, who stabbed Trotsky with an ice pick, spent two years winning his way into the exiled leader's trust.
In fact, Trotsky and Lenin were not even in the country.
In gripping fashion, Padura is able to bring Trotsky alive, his fierce determination to see a world-wide revolution succeed and his growing fears for the fate of the revolution, all its gains jeopardized by the ruthless seizure of power by Josef Stalin, who undeniably betrayed the better prospects that the Revolution had once held.
In an interview on BBC Radio 4's Reflections With Peter Hennessey, Mr Blair said his enthusiasm was fired after picking up a biography of Trotsky after performing at a gig with his student rock band, Ugly Rumours.
No he visto aun la citada pelicula, por ello no puedo opinar en el aspecto filmico, pero si puedo hacerlo en cuanto al relato que hace Chavarrias, quien afirma que Leon Trotsky fundo el Ejercito Rojo.
Between January and March 1917, Trotsky found refuge in New York City.
Lev Davidovich Bronstein, verdadero nombre de Trotsky, habia nacido en Ucrania--en el calendario gregoriano- el 7 de noviembre de 1879.
They are caucusing and factionalising and putting pressure where they can, and that's how Trotsky entryists operate.
Leon Trotsky has gotten mixed reviews over the years, including among historians and biographers.
The debate pivoted on Trotsky's "The Lessons of October," says Corney, and rather than a serious assessment of their achievements and future directions, was a growing movement against Trotsky as a threat to the revolution.
The first three articles look at the transnational networks which allowed Trotsky, during his years of exile after 1928, to continue to communicate his political message internationally--even if his circle of supporters was always limited--and to search for asylum in Western Europe, away from Stalin's Secret Police which monitored his every move in Turkey and already caused him to fear for his life.
Hoidal, Trotsky in Norway: Exile, 1935-1937- 414 pp.
Lenin and Leon Trotsky, who made the 1917 Revolution.
Scribbler Karl Marx for Culture, Media and Sport and Red Army founder Leon Trotsky at MoD.