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Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the army

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Far from imposing inappropriate "foreign" perspectives, we see Lenin, Trotsky, and other leaders of the Comintern insisting (and assisting) in US Communists grounding themselves in the realities of their own political and cultural environment.
Sensing a dire threat to his supremacy, Stalin removed Trotsky from power in 1927, forced him out of the party and deported him in 1929 to Turkey, where he remained for four years near Istanbul.
It arrived at an opportune moment, for the recent death of my pet cat Trotsky has left me feeling very lonely and low, especially since the manner of his death was so tragic.
commitment to continual revolution around the world is a revival of the discredited concepts of Leon Trotsky.
Kevin Prometheus Trotsky and Nikki Braziel met at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada in 2009, fell in love, and did the natural thing: started a company together.
While the Stalin industry is a going concern in the growing field of Soviet scholarship," David North writes, "the protracted depression in Trotsky studies continues" (p.
9) Trotsky has enjoyed favorable treatment by mainstream historians engaged in vilifying his arch-rival Stalin.
Written by Leon Trotsky, co-leader of the Russian revolution while in exile and hunted by Stalin's agents, and co-signed by Andre Breton, cofounder of the surrealist movement, and Diego Rivera, revolutionary Mexican artist and activist in 1938, the Manifesto was a call to all arms, pens and brushes addressed to radical artists and writers.
Ironically, Jacob Tierney's The Trotsky (2009) is guilty of both kinds of ideological distortion: it raises a non-problem, or a false problem, to the level of a true problem, while at the same time ahistorically representing the latter.
Oxford University's Robert Service completes his trilogy of the three most significant early Soviet leaders with the first biography of Leon Trotsky not written by an acolyte.
One of the first things I read as a young history teacher perversely interested in Russian history, a subject not then taught in any of my years of schooling and undergraduate study, was Isaac Deutscher's hagiography of Trotsky as the Russian Revolution's impetuous wonder-worker.
Harrison moves to Virginia in the US to join a military school, but fate brings him back to Mexico and his life takes a turn when he joins the household of the famous muralist Diego Rivera, his young wife Frida Kahlo and exiled Bolshevik leader Lev Trotsky.
Trotsky defied top weight under Paddy Flood in the 0-109 handicap chase to give trainer Pat McKenna his first ever winner - and the bumper saw a smart effort by Tom Mullins' Tavern Times, who scored by three lengths.
Trotsky, a 16-1 shot, gave County Tyrone-based Pat McKenna, a recent addition to the training ranks, his first success when giving weight to his rivals in the 2m5f (0-109) handicap chase.
The faction's philosophy is directly descended from Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky.